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I am a graduate engineer, MBA, self-employed, Täby resident, father of two, working man, Sweden-based Finn, husband, exile, chilli-lover and class traveller. Leadership, entrepreneurship, work and housing are the issues closest to my heart. In my life I have seen and experienced how a lack of jobs quickly creates anxiety, loss of self-belief, falling incomes, envy, prejudice, social inequalities and fewer resources for our shared building of society. A Sweden that is coming apart. By the same token, jobs and entrepreneurship create meaning, context, cohesion, competence, pride and challenges. We Sweden Finns are many in number and under-represented in various decision-making bodies. I have a minority perspective and knowledge of what it is like to grow up as a second-generation immigrant. I know the Finnish people, culture and history. The Finnish language, which is my mother tongue and one I still master to some extent, has had and still has an unfairly low status in Swedish society. Finland is currently one of Sweden’s very biggest export markets. Finland is a major part of Sweden’s history and future. My experiences, elected positions, occupations and educational courses have given me a good understanding of entrepreneurship and of issues relating to jobs and employment, from the employee’s, the employer’s and the entrepreneur’s perspective. In a bigger context, all of our work creates more resources and a better society. A richer society. Society-building, for all. The Social Democrats’ goal of achieving the lowest unemployment rate in the EU is a tough one and will require continued hard work. I know that it will need both new ideas and the courage to leave old ideas behind. I am willing to reconsider and compromise on many things on the way to this goal. As long as we do it together. A unified Sweden comes from a unified, smooth-running labour market. For both new and established Swedes. From north to south. For young and old. For boys and girls. I am ready to take on this challenge. Vote for me in the parliamentary election the 9th of September.